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Technology Services


We are in the age when people are overwhelmed with inputs while hungry for meaningful and impactful intelligence. This is especially true for the tax function where regular reports, financial data, regulatory updates, or system extracts, in fragmented and sporadic fashions, are aggregated for compliance and regulatory purposes.

As a response, tax technology platforms have evolved beyond basic calculations and become vital process engines to complete annual filings, document reviews, identify properly designed and effective controls, and aid in subjective analyses.

It certainly feels like the tax department is being asked to embrace these changes quickly. What will the “next gen” tax department look like? We can help you design it.

Tax Process Assessment and Design

  • Generate insights about organization’s current state of tax function operations.
  • Assist overall design of technology blueprint, data infrastructure, process governance, and tax technology strategy to empower the journey of tax transformation.
  • Engage department or enterprise wide process workshop, anchored by lean six-sigma principles, optimized for context of tax functions, and designed to help organization explore, analyze, prioritize, and design the future digitization roadmap.

Tax Process Automation and Implementation

  • Unlock the potential of emerging technologies for tax functions by creating ETL (extract, transform, load), RPA (robotic process automation), ML (machine learning) and BI (business intelligence) solutions that fit our clients’ technology ecosystem.
  • Use the principles of agile development to fuel fast solutions, development, and deployment.
  • Deliver scalable, sustainable, and non-intrusive automation solutions.
  • Recommend and establish vendor relationship for emerging technologies in tax.

Tax Data Analytics and Insights

  • Assist clients to keep up with increasingly complex tax regulation and global environment by leveraging data analytics and gaining business insights into past tax performance and future trajectory.
  • Optimize organization’s data strategy to enable end-to-end integration of provision and compliance data.
  • Create executive real-time visualization to foster faster business decisions, coordinated tax planning, and intelligence-driven business optimization.

Tax Professional Digital Upskilling

  • Prepare the organization, teams, and individuals for the future operating model of tax by attending True Tech Academy, an immersive experience that allows tax professionals to experience new technologies first hand.
  • Deepen tax professional’s digital skills and proficiency in data analytics, automation technologies, process improvement and change management.
  • Onboard emerging technology solutions with comprehensive training of digital skillsets along with the specific solutions.