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For tax departments in multi-state companies, changes are coming from all directions. Many companies are undergoing reorganizations that dramatically reduce manpower and resources. Others are implementing enterprise-wide distributed technologies that move sales and use tax decisions out to the desktops of more people. And some are introducing electronic commerce capabilities like EDI, Intranets and corporate procurement cards, without considering the tax implications.

At the same time, concerned executives are looking to all departments, including tax, for strategic improvements that will boost the company’s shareholder value. Yet because of resource shortages, tax departments spend most of their time and resources on compliance issues. They have little time or budget for strategic issues that enhance shareholder value.

We can help you regain control of compliance and related functions, create more time for strategic value-added activities, and help contribute more to shareholder value and other strategic corporate measures.

Our Sales and Use Tax Services Group provides a host of value-added services. We focus strongly on fundamental and important areas of your sales and use tax environment, including:

  • Transactional Analysis – creative tax-saving ideas and exemption strategies for a variety of transactions; due
    diligence for acquisition and merger activities; and after-merges compliance products.
  • Reverse Audits- helps to put any tax dollars remitted in error back into the clients control.
  • Audit defense and appeals – end-to-end services to reduce audit assessments, eliminate potential adjustments and identify refund opportunities.
  • Nexus studies – dealing with multistate taxation issues for fast-growth companies, negotiating with states to minimize prior liabilities if they exist, and registering to establish proper filings with the various states.
  • Sales and use tax process improvement/automation creates tax processes that are owned and controlled by tax professionals.
  • Advanced sales and use tax planning- create the structure for sales and use transactions that will benefit from increased control over the incidence of the tax.
  • Compliance outsourcing – functioning as an extension of your tax department to perform part or all of your sales and use tax compliance functions.

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Unmatched expertise, deep technical understanding and up-to-date knowledge of changing state and local tax regulations.

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“TPC has always gone above and beyond. They do a great job accommodating our constantly changing tax environment.”

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