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Site Selection and Credits & Incentives


True Partners’ Credits and Incentives Team provides comprehensive services to effectively manage site selection, incentives consulting, negotiation and compliance. We work with companies during all stages of project development, from assisting in strategic planning and budgeting, to identifying the most beneficial location and negotiating available incentives.

As a national practice, we effectively advocate for our clients across the country without jeopardizing their leverage.

Site Selection and Incentives Process
Our team works with your company and real estate professionals to provide comprehensive site selection advice. To gain a thorough understanding of the strategic and business factors upon which the location decision should be based, True Partners considers several factors, including your goals and objectives of the new location, defining the search area, and prioritizing key location factors. Our team will assist in performing quantitative and qualitative analyses and identify solutions to close the fiscal gap between locations, optimizing a company’s return on investment.

Negotiated incentives require complex negotiations with various state, county, and local jurisdictions. These incentives are discretionary and are not readily granted – state and local officials often require effective demonstration of cost benefit analysis or a return on investment for the jurisdiction to award such incentives. Once incentives are awarded, our team will train you and your colleagues to ensure full realization of the incentives’ value by identifying and, if requested, monitoring the future compliance requirements.

How We Add Value

  • Strong understanding of tax implications related to incentives
  • Maintain long-standing relationships with various governmental entities, taxing agencies, and economic developmental officials
  • Effectively advocate for our clients across the country without jeopardizing a company’s leverage
  • Conduct extensive cost analyses comparing all project sites and factors (i.e. investment, employment, taxes, utility rates, incentives, etc.)
  • Provide assistance with on-going compliance, upon request

Site Selection Professionals


We work with companies during all stages of project development.

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