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The True Partners Consulting (“TPC”) Asset Management Team has broad experience providing tax and consulting services to private equity and venture capital fund managers. Our dedicated team possesses extensive knowledge of funds, partnership accounting, and tax, as well as a deep understanding of fund structures and their overarching business implications.

Amid increased regulation, private equity firms are re-evaluating their investment strategies to create value in the current environment. Increased regulatory oversight and the changing regulatory environment are creating complexities that are significantly changing the ways they do business. As such, TPC’s Asset Management team offers comprehensive transaction, tax, and advisory support, so PE and VC fund managers can concentrate on their essential responsibilities of designing investment strategy.

TPC’s Asset Management team works with private equity and venture capital funds of all sizes and at every stage of their fund life cycle.  Our professionals understand the unique needs of private equity, portfolio, venture capital and mezzanine funds as well as buyout firms.

Our tax services for private equity and venture capital funds include:

  • Tax analysis of fund structuring, including master-feeder, mini-master, side-by-side and blocker corporation
  • Review private placement memorandum (PPM/OM/LPA) tax section for compliance and tax minimization
  • Preparation of Schedule K-1 reporting for investors
  • Preparation of partnership income tax returns for the fund, general partner and investment manager (Form 1065)
  • Calculation of unrelated business taxable income
  • Partner tax allocations under IRC Section 704
  • Analysis of waterfall distributions for tax allocation purposes
  • Preparation and compliance of foreign investments such as PFICs, CFCs and foreign partnerships
  • U.S. tax reporting and compliance for foreign investors including FDAP withholding based on U.S. tax treaties and effectively connected income
  • Calculation of withholding of state income taxes
  • Compliance with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)
  • Response and assistance with federal and state tax notices