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The True Plan


The True Plan is a methodology designed to assist companies with international expansion and re-organization efforts. It recognizes that in order to tackle such complex projects, you must have a strategic plan in place that is both rigid enough to force action and accountability, but also flexible enough to account for constantly changing circumstances and fact patterns.

The True Plan is a four step process:

  1. Conduct a diagnostic to determine local country business needs.
  2. Design a footprint to meet those needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  3. Implement that footprint.
  4. Maintain the operations on a recurring basis

During the diagnostic phase, we will work with your management team to determine your business objectives in country. We will help you make initial high level decisions about the scope of the local operations based on an understanding of the local business and regulatory environment. We will also conduct a cost/benefit analysis such that all decisions about direction and scope are made with a solid understanding of the total financial impact to your business. Our goal during the diagnostic phase is to help your management team work through your existing internal decision making procedures, armed with better and more complete information.

During the footprint phase, we will work with your management team to further refine the scope of local country operations and prepare a detailed structure to house the business. Determinations made during this phase include:

  • Legal entity type
  • Whether to engage subcontractors or hire employees
  • Procedures for onboarding subcontractors and employees
  • Credits and incentives opportunities
  • Funds flows in and out of country
  • Modeling of the corporate tax consequences
  • Total cost of implementation and maintenance

At the conclusion of this phase, you will have a complete blueprint to work through internal control procedures to establish new operations
or re-organize existing operations.

During the implementation phase, we will oversee creation of the local operational structure. This will include legal entity setup, on-boarding of employees or subcontractors, business and tax registrations, and anything else needed to ensure your local business hits the ground running.

The final phase involves maintaining your local business on an ongoing basis. By this stage you will be working with in-country service providers for all of your day-to-day needs such as payroll, accounting and bookkeeping, preparation of statutory financial statements, or tax returns. Our goal is to ensure a clean hand-off to the local service providers, and to remain behind the scenes until an issue needs attention.

We understand that your business is constantly evolving and changing, and we will always be available to help you ensure your international operations change with it.

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