Mike Shih

Senior Manager
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Mike Shih is a Senior Manager in the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting.  He has extensive experience in unclaimed property consulting, with a focus on audit defense and voluntary settlement procedures.  Mike has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies conduct comprehensive diagnostic reviews, analyze M&A history for potential risk, develop quantification models unique to their operations, and formulate different exposure remediation strategies.  Mike also plays an integral role in assisting companies with annual compliance reporting and streamlining internal policies and procedures.

Relevant Experience

  • Mike has over 10 years of experience in performing diagnostic reviews and able to implement a targeted approach for quantifying and settling voluntary disclosures in Delaware, New York, and other jurisdictions; as well as multi-state examinations conducted by third-party contract auditors, such as Kelmar Associates and Specialty Audit Services (SAS).
  • Mike has supported Fortune 500 and middle market companies across various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail, distribution, automotive, and entertainment, through which he has acquired a diverse understanding of business operations to help better serve clients.
  • Mike has significant experience in all aspects of unclaimed property compliance, which includes identifying areas of potential risk, performing due diligence requirements, conducting exemption and deduction analyses, and preparing filings for all U.S. reporting jurisdictions.

Affiliations & Education

Member, Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization (UPPO)

Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)