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Troy R. Wangen of TPC

May 2019 UPPO President’s Message from Troy Wangen

By: Troy R. Wangen |

I am honored to serve UPPO as this year’s president, and I am excited about our future as we embark on a new, three-year strategic plan. To help focus our work over the next few years, UPPO board members and key committee leaders participated in a strategic planning session in Minneapolis last July, as well as a special meeting in December focused on advocacy. This intensive exercise and subsequent refinements resulted in our road map for the next three fiscal years.

Our new vision statement is, “UPPO is the bridge between our members and the states to identify and implement common ground solutions to benefit all stakeholders.” We can achieve this vision through our work on the four key areas of our strategic plan.

First, not surprisingly, is Advocacy. As we all know, legislative and regulatory action defines what we as unclaimed property professionals do. UPPO’s work advocating on members’ behalf is essential. We have developed objectives aimed at focusing our advocacy work on the issues affecting the most members, getting more members involved to build our grass roots network and building stronger relationships with other stakeholders. We are also taking our first steps into lobbying as we continue efforts in California in creating a voluntary disclosure program.

Second is Public Perception. We all know that there are plenty of misperceptions about unclaimed property, what we do and why. With the increased attention on fraud, it is even more important to spread the word about unclaimed property and how owners and holders can protect themselves and their assets. We have outlined several objectives to help us clarify our role as holders, explain the role of claimant representatives and build a better understanding of unclaimed property among owners, holders and stakeholders.

Our third focus will be State Relations. Building constructive relationships with the states helps us all do our jobs better. Having open, honest discussions so states understand our challenges and we understand theirs help build mutual trust and respect. We will work to continue strengthening these relationships in pursuit of fair standards and greater uniformity.

Our last, but certainly not least, key focus area is Education. Ensuring that UPPO continues to be the best source of education for unclaimed property professionals requires that we stay focused on identifying member needs and meet them. We will continue building our roster of expert speakers and developing education available in multiple formats to provide you with access to the knowledge you need to be effective.

As you can see, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Fortunately, UPPO is filled with passionate, talented professionals who consistently step up to share that passion and talent for the greater good of our organization. I am excited to serve as your UPPO president this year, and I look forward to the progress we’ll make together.

Troy Wangen
2019/20 UPPO President