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Jim Sadik Speaks at the 28th Annual Ohio Tax Conference

By: Jim Sadik |

Unclaimed Property Compliance and Enforcement – Protecting the Property Rights of Lost Owners or Legal Extortion?

Tuesday January 29th
1:45 – 2:45pm

Insights into the similarities & differences between unclaimed property obligations and tax obligations under state law. How unclaimed property audits work, the importance of a proactive audit defense and how to resolve unclaimed property liability discovered during internal audits. Recent litigation and legislation.General  guidelines for creating compliance policies and procedures to avoid audit exposure.

Jameel Turner, Member, Bailey Cavalieri LLC
James Sadik, Managing Director, National Unclaimed Property Management Solutions, True Partners Consulting LLC

About the Ohio Tax Conference
With the best lineup of speakers & hot tax issues, the 28th Annual Ohio Tax Conference is one you’ll want to attend. At the largest business tax conference in the nation, you’ll benefit from the continuing education credits earned by attending and the valuable information received on major tax and jobs issues.

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