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Corporate US Bound and True Partners

By: True Partners Consulting Staff |

Incorrect budgeting is one of the top six reasons foreign and domestic companies fail 56% of the time. The cost of taxes – both federal and state – can be as much as half of that budget. As the preferred tax services providers of Corporate US Bound, we can help:



  • Structure a tax-efficient corporate organization
  • Ensure compliance with all tax filing and reporting requirements
  • Negotiate and obtain tax credits and incentives
  • Consult on transfer pricing and supply-chain management
  • Assist with acquisitions, dispositions, restructurings and reorganizations

But that’s not all – because of our partnership with Corporate US Bound, you have access to dozens of service-provider experts in all facets of business operations in the US. Learn more on the CUSB website.

Have questions about US taxes? Contact Robert M. Gordon, Managing Director.