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Lorman Webinar – ASC 740: Impacts on Your Financial Statements

By: John P. Bennecke |

Gain an improved understanding of the technical requirements under ASC 740 and better advise your clients.


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As tax professionals, we are tasked with accurately reporting the tax results for our respective organizations within an environment of high scrutiny from both the external recipients of this information along the review and oversight of our internal and external audit teams. After this topic, you will be able to describe the basic process of the current tax provision; identify the various components of the deferred provision and impact to the total tax provision; and the overall results as they will be reported in your financial statements. Additionally, you will be armed with information which may assist you in assessing the overall effectiveness of your tax internal controls environment, while providing further support for the accuracy of your tax controls and ultimately the financial statement disclosures.

Learning Objectives

– You will be able to review general concepts of Accounting for Income Taxes (ASC 740).

– You will be able to describe in detail the difference in Permanent and Temporary differences and their impact on the overall tax provision.

– You will be able to define your overall tax internal control environment and also will be armed with examples of how to identify areas of risk.

– You will be able to identify the potential impact of the proposed/enacted legislative changes to our corporate tax structure and how to address them within your financial statements.


John P. Bennecke, Managing Director
True Partners Consulting