Wei from TPC

Be TRUE to yourself from the start.


Your career in corporate tax accounting, business consulting or advisory involves much more than finding a place to apply your education.

It means finding a company that values what you value. One of high character. One that enables you to be true to yourself in what you do and how you grow.

We completely understand.
We know something about being true to yourself. We’ve followed our calling to be a new type of employer. To be better for the clients we serve. For our employees. For communities, and the world.

We know the usual way of working, doesn’t work any more.
That’s why we provide something different. Our philosophy focuses on people, first and foremost. Because we believe when you are fulfilled, challenged, nurtured and respected — greatness follows. Not only in how you conduct business, but in the way you approach life.

Here’s our platform:

  • You will gain experience in multiple service areas — because being well rounded is awesome.
  • You will be teamed with our professionals at all levels — because learning from the best shapes your best future.
  • You will have straight-line access to senior management, including Managing Directors — because we’re all in this together.
  • You will be respected and listened to — because it’s only right.
  • You will have the freedom to be creative — because that’s who you are.
  • You will have balance — because you are not all one thing, work or play.
  • You will be part of a family.


Get a head start on being True. Explore our College Internships.

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It’s never too early to plan for success involving our careers in corporate tax, consulting or business advisory. That’s the thought behind our college internships.

With us, you will…

  • Gain real-world, hands-on experience.
  • Be mentored and personally training by our seasoned professionals.
  • Actively assist in serving clients and adding business value.
  • Be exposed to an entrepreneurial, collaborative, respected environment.
  • Participate in team building and networking activities.

True Testimonials

“Getting to know everyone my first week really helped me get more comfortable than my friends were at other firms.”

Intern - Summer 2017

“I felt comfortable asking any of the staff for help even if my buddy or career coach wasn’t around.”

Intern - Summer 2017

“I really appreciate that a Senior Manager and a Partner sat me down to go over concepts in such great detail.”

Intern - Summer 2017

“TPC reminds me of a “teaching hospital.”  I felt like experienced doctors were helping me own my future here.”

Intern - Summer 2017