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Tax Provision Automation

At True Partners Consulting, our Provision Automation Team has evolved along with the evolution of tax provision automation solutions, resulting in the delivery of increased and enhanced tax provision automation, beyond what was available in the recent past.  There are a number of provision automation solutions readily available in the marketplace which will allow you to reshape and refocus your tax department, by providing a tool and a platform to position your department to meet the increasingly complex financial reporting and tax reporting requirements. 

Our detail-oriented approach combined with our collaborative client relationships allows us to provide client-specific implementations, enhance existing implementations, provide quarterly and semi-annual support and offer benefits extending well beyond the provision.  In addition to helping with the implementation process, we can help build a bridge between your provision software and your tax return compliance software, resulting in the ability to more efficiently manage the tax provision and tax compliance processes.  In addition to the benefits of an automated provision, we have worked with clients to customize valuable comparative analyses utilizing the available software solutions, thereby allowing companies to leverage available data for use in planning and managing their business in a more proactive manner.

Our services include:

  • Assess the current provision process
  • Indentify opportunities to improve existing processes
  • Design and define the future provision process
  • Implement and customize provision solution (replication of prior period, parallel period testing and go-live conversion)
  • Create supporting documentation, including detailed work papers and SOX documentation for internal and external auditors
  • Provide client-specific, comprehensive training for provision users and stakeholders
  • Bridge the gap between the tax provision and tax return compliance
  • Provide post-implementation support
  • Enhance and optimize use of existing provision automation solution
John V.   Aksak
John V. Aksak
Managing Director
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John P. Bennecke
Managing Director
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Michael L.   Dembek
Michael L. Dembek
Managing Director
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James T.   Hedderman
James T. Hedderman
Managing Director
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Fax No:3129243267
Cathleen   Kennedy
Cathleen Kennedy
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Ryan McKenzie
Managing Director
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