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Tax Planning for the Fund

True Partners Consulting has extensive experience in providing tax advice to equity funds in all aspects of their operations, including the impact of its general partners and investors.  Our Private Equity professionals can assist you in selecting the most effective tax strategies to achieve your overall business objective and work with your management, venture partners, portfolio companies, and other advisors to ensure that these tax strategies are implemented appropriately.

True Partners Consulting’s Tax Planning for the Fund services include:

  • Assistance in structuring partnership agreements, specifically with respect to profit and loss allocations, distributions, etc.
  • Tax structuring and planning to assist in minimizing the overall tax burden of the Fund and its investors
  • Tax planning in connection with structuring partner incentive compensation and payments to the sponsors
  • Reviewing or preparing all fund federal, state and local income tax returns, including tax planning in connection with foreign and state tax withholding requirements, and payment of withholding taxes on behalf of non-U.S. and out-of-state investors
  • Tax structuring and planning on potential UBTI issues for tax-exempt investors
John V.   Aksak
John V. Aksak
Managing Director
Tel. No:631-777-6310
Fax No:631.777.6360
Charles P.   Anastasia
Charles P. Anastasia
Managing Director
Tel. No:646-356-7214
Fax No:646-356-7264
Alexis   Bergman
Alexis Bergman
Tel. No:312-235-3323
Fax No:312-235-3373
Stanley W.   Jozefiak
Stanley W. Jozefiak
Practice Director and General Counsel
Tel. No:312-235-3306
Fax No:312.235.3356
Michael   O Connor
Michael O Connor
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3320
Peter   Orfanakos
Peter Orfanakos
Tel. No:646-356-7206
Fax No:646-356-7256
Lindsey   Serrate
Lindsey Serrate
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3313
Fax No:312-235-3363
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