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Tax Monitoring and Maintenance

Almost every company has engaged in tax planning or complex transactions such as:

  • intercompany charges
  • management fees
  • sale/leasebacks
  • special financing arrangements
  • capitalizing subsidiaries with intercompany debt

Over time, even the most robust strategy should be revisited to ensure that the facts on which the strategy depended remain in effect.  People change jobs, personnel outside the Tax Department forget why things need to be done in a certain way, the law changes, and the business may have grown.  Such changes can expose your company to tax risks that did not exist when the strategy was initially implemented. As a result, True Partners Consulting has seen a growing need for an independent adviser with tax expertise to help tax departments, internal auditors, and general counsel monitor tax risks resulting from these and other changes in the environment.  We accomplish this by:

  • Reviewing and understanding the requirements of a particular plan or transaction
  • Determining whether the company is doing what it should be doing to comply with these requirements
  • Assessing and (where practicable) quantifying risks
  • Recommending and implementing remediation and process redesign where appropriate.
John V.   Aksak
John V. Aksak
Managing Director
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Alexis Bergman
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Jennifer Crawford
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Robert M.   Gordon
Robert M. Gordon
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Stanley W. Jozefiak
Practice Director and General Counsel
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Michael O Connor
Managing Director
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