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Nexus laws can be complex, especially with regard to sales and use taxes.  Is your company operating in multiple states?  Do you have salespeople or independent agents soliciting sales across the country on your company’s behalf?  Is your company properly registered to collect and remit sales and use taxes in those states?  True Partners Consulting’s sales and use tax professionals can help you determine the jurisdictions in which you are obligated to collect and remit taxes,  ensure that your company complies with state-by-state sales and use tax laws, and becomes compliant in jurisdictions where you may not have been aware an obligation existed.  We can review your current operations, assist you in becoming compliant with current sales and use tax laws, suggest strategies for minimizing outstanding liabilities, and help your company implement those strategies.  Let True Partners Consulting assist you in discovering and mitigating any potential pitfalls before it may be too late. 

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