Negotiated Incentives

True Partners Consulting’s Credits and Incentives Team provides comprehensive services to effectively consult on strategies and manage incentives negotiations and compliance.  We will work with you during all stages of project development, from assisting in strategic planning and budgeting to identifying the most beneficial location and negotiating available incentives, and beyond. 

Our team of professionals are recognized leaders in incentives negotiations, securing valuable and useful tax, infrastructure, training, and operational benefits to offset costs and increase companies’ return on investment.  Our team works with companies of all sizes, from tech and manufacturing start-ups, to international Fortune 100 companies.  Our professionals not only secure incentives for our clients, but also identify those which are most beneficial to their unique needs.

Negotiated incentives include:

  • Cash awards
  • Property tax exemptions or abatements
  • Sales tax exemptions
  • Tax increment financing
  • Creation or expansion of Enterprise Zones
  • State income tax credits
  • Training grants
  • Low-interest financing
  • Site infrastructure improvements

Our success in the area of negotiated incentives is a result of our independence, high ethical standards, adherence to governmental regulations, and strong communication skills.  We have long-standing relationships with various governmental entities, taxing agencies, and economic development officials.  These relationships help contribute to our clients’ success.  In addition, once incentives are awarded, the Credits and Incentives Team will train the company personnel to ensure full realization of the incentives’ value by identifying and, if requested, monitoring future compliance requirements.

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