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Exposure Quantifications and Analysis

Whether from a risk management perspective or from an inquiry by your financial auditors, True Partners Consulting can assist holders in quantifying the various categories of unclaimed property specific to any industry or fact pattern.  To achieve this result we employ analytical, forensic, statistical and good old “roll up the sleeves” hard work to uncover, quantify and mitigate many years— sometimes decades— of exposure that a company may face.

Cathleen A.   Bucholtz
Cathleen A. Bucholtz
Managing Director
Tel. No:818-650-5801
Fax No:818.650.5851
Jim   Sadik
Jim Sadik
Managing Director
Tel. No:508-667-3408
Fax No:631-777-6396
Steven   Swaigenbaum
Steven Swaigenbaum
Director - Unclaimed Property
Tel. No:818-650-5831
Fax No:818.650.5881
Robert M.   Tucci
Robert M. Tucci
Managing Director
Tel. No:972-338-3673
Fax No:(213) 417-2559
Troy R.   Wangen
Troy R. Wangen
Director - Unclaimed Property
Tel. No:312-588-3430
Fax No:312-588-3480
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