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Growing businesses tend to collect legal entities over time.  Each legal entity represents a cost and a source of risk that must be monitored, and few companies have the resources to devote to this critical activity.  True Partners Consulting’s Entity Rationalization Services can help your company restructure and streamline your corporate organization chart.  This should result in reduced costs, greater compliance, and minimized risks without incurring incremental tax cost or impacting business operations and flexibility.  We provide you with turnkey recommendations with regard to every entity in your group.  Then we can implement your decisions by preparing completed documentation—including tax elections and statements—and working with your lawyers and internal finance and systems teams to accommodate the changes.  In many cases, Entity Rationalization can be integrated with existing corporate-wide transformation and systems integration initiatives.

We utilize a phased approach which covers the following:

  • Perform diagnostics to understand your priorities, immediate needs, and long-term goals, while obtaining a general overview of your company
  • Due diligence including an in-depth study of the tax, legal, and business history of each entity
  • Prepare a detailed deliverable outlining each recommendation and rationale
  • Fully implement the agreed-upon recommendations
John V.   Aksak
John V. Aksak
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Robert M. Gordon
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Stanley W. Jozefiak
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Michael O Connor
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