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Earning & Profit Studies

Let our world-class professionals help you develop an approach that suits your unique circumstances for determining and reporting accurate earnings and profits (“E&P”). This complex in-depth analysis is critical to building a foundation for planning and computing your tax liability.  We will review and compute current, historic, and accumulated E&P with a discussion of general principles.  We will analyze your activities with an eye on all applicable rules, statutes, precedents, and regulations for any necessary adjustments. Finally, we will review all of the elements related to, or that can in any way affect your E&P. 

True Partners Consulting has extensive experience in addressing the many elements that impact your bottom line including compensation planning, deductions and credits, partnerships and corporations, special pass-through entities, corporate reorganizations, real estate, procedure and administration, and more.

Our services include:

  • Computing current, historic, and accumulated E&P for both domestic and foreign corporations/entities
  • Analyzing the impact on E&P of major distributions, reorganizations and transitions
  • Interpreting statutory requirements and available elections to achieve the most beneficial overall results
  • Adjustment for depreciation
  • Tax consequences of a corporate distribution, dividend, or redemption analysis
  • Computing stock basis in a consolidated subsidiary


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