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Site Selection

True Partners Consulting’s Credits and Incentives team works with real estate professionals to provide comprehensive site selection advice to our clients.  To gain a thorough understanding of the strategic and business factors upon which the location decision should be based, we consider several factors, including understanding the client’s goals and objectives of the new location, defining the search area, and prioritizing key location factors.  We also obtain information on project parameters regarding employee headcounts and skill sets, area demographics, site requirements, and project timing.

The Credits and Incentives Team conducts market analyses and works in conjunction with real estate professionals to perform initial evaluations of site alternatives to identify a short list of high potential locations for the new project.  Our analysis includes consideration of market conditions, site accessibility, utility availability, incentive availability, and preliminary operating costs. 

Our services include:

  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Economic Benefit Analysis
  • Incentive Benchmarking
  • Advocacy and Negotiation
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Implementation Methodology


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Minah C. Hall
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