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True Partners Consulting will work with your team to analyze your federal income tax compliance requirements, available resources, and any other issues that might interrupt the cycle of work.  We will develop a streamlined work plan that improves resource deployment and adheres to filing deadlines.  Whatever our level of involvement, our experienced tax professionals will help you reduce the time it takes to complete the process while improving controls and transparency.  We have a proven methodology that enhances workflow using state-of-the-art technology to reduce inefficiencies.  Our flexibility and exceptional customer service allow us to tailor services to best complement and support your in-house resources.  Whether providing an integrated solution or individual services, working domestically or through global alliances, True Partners Consulting delivers the highest-quality, customized federal compliance solutions

John P.   Bennecke
John P. Bennecke
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3337
Fax No:312-243-3387
Alexis   Bergman
Alexis Bergman
Tel. No:312-235-3323
Fax No:312-235-3373
Michael   Chen
Michael Chen
Managing Director
Tel. No:408-625-5088
Fax No:408.625.5138
Michael L.   Dembek
Michael L. Dembek
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-924-3228
James T.   Hedderman
James T. Hedderman
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-924-3217
Fax No:3129243267
Cathleen   Kennedy
Cathleen Kennedy
Tel. No:631-777-6309
Lisa   Kneisel
Lisa Kneisel
Tel. No:631-777-6323
Fax No:631-777-6373
Kristin   Mauer
Kristin Mauer
Director of Business Development
Tel. No:408-625-5069
Bernadette   McConie
Bernadette McConie
Managing Director
Tel. No:631-777-6314
Fax No:631.777.6364
Ryan   McKenzie
Ryan McKenzie
Managing Director
Tel. No:813-434-4015
Michael   O Connor
Michael O Connor
Managing Director
Tel. No:312-235-3320
Peter   Orfanakos
Peter Orfanakos
Tel. No:646-356-7206
Fax No:646-356-7256
Ross J.   Valenza
Ross J. Valenza
Managing Director
Tel. No:813-434-4002
Fax No:813.434.4052
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