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Washington Tax Insight June 2017

There is divided opinion in Washington about whether the firing of FBI Director Comey and the related investigations of Russian contacts with Trump campaign personnel will make tax reform and health care reform more difficult.


What does Amazon’s decision to start collecting sales tax nationwide mean for third party sellers?

Amazon’s decision to file everywhere has many of its third party sellers wondering how this will impact them. The short answer? It doesn’t—at least not yet. But it could.


Washington Tax Insight May 2017

The EO directs the Treasury Secretary to send an interim report to the President by June 20th (with a final report due September 18th) of all regulations that: (1) impose an undue financial burden on US taxpayers; (2) add undue complexity to the Federal tax laws; or (3) exceed the statutory authority of the IRS.


True Alert: Trump's Tax Reform Proposal

On April 26, 2017, the Administration released its long-awaited “tax reform” plan. While the President touted it as “the biggest … tax cut in American history” the 2-page document released by the Administration seemed to be little more than a re-packaging of previously-published campaign promises.


Delaware Releases Drafts of New Proposed Regulations and Forms to Convert an Unclaimed Property Audit to a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

Two versions of the highly anticipated proposed regulations to Delaware’s Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Law were released: one by the Delaware Department of Finance (“DOF”) on April 1, 2017, and another by the Delaware Department of State (“DOS”) on April 7, 2017.

Results: 169 Articles found.
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